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Elixir Brasil Virtual

Hi, everyone. How's it going? We have some important news to share with you: yes, Elixir Brasil 2020 too is going virtual!
Back in March, when we announced new dates for the conference, we had no idea the COVID‑19 pandemic would have such prolonged impact and outreach. Since then, we've witnessed its effects in several events, from local meetups to major conferences, new year's eve celebrations, the carnival and even the Olympics.
In the spirit of keeping that flame alive, while maintaining everyone we love safe and sound, we've made that decision.
Going virtual, of course, means a whole new experience for both speakers and attendees. And we are putting a massive effort to make the best out of it, given the circumstances.
We've always counted on you, members of the Elixir community, to make the conference a success. It won't be different this time. And the best way you can help us now is by carefully reading our updates to check what changes and what doesn't change for you. Come along!

Frequently Asked Questions 🤖

Virtual edition: November 28-29!

3rd Edition · 2020

Elixir Brasil is the biggest and most diverse Elixir conference made in Brazil.
This year we will have two days packed with activities, November -.
Come together and celebrate this wonderful language in its birthplace. Welcome aboard!
2nd Edition · 2019 1st Edition · 2018

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We offer discounts to companies bringing 10 or more people.
Drop us a line to know more.

Code of Conduct

Elixir Brasil 2020 uses the Codamos Code of Conduct.
Attendees, speakers, company representatives and volunteers must agree with this code of conduct. The organization will reinforce that this code is followed throughout the event.
We expect the cooperation of all parties to help ensure a safe environment for anyone.

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